9 ways content marketing can help you retain customers

The cost of customer acquisition is usually high. When a business owner runs a campaign to accrue leads and nurture them to become customers a lot of time, effort and money is spent in the process.

To make sure that your business makes the most of the newly acquired customers make sure to engage with your customer and create a relationship with your brand.

Post Sales content marketing is the key to ‘Customer Retention’

Following are the content strategies you can leverage to enhance your KPI.

1) Send in a Welcome email and a feedback email to your customer post any sale.

2) Record your customer’s important dates like birthday and anniversaries and send them personalized greetings.

3) Share an occasional email/ message or WhatsApp content that helps them use your product in a better way.

4) Create a rewards program/ loyalty program for your customers and keep sharing their status via email. (Take a look at Starbuck’s example)

5) Conduct periodic surveys for your customers to understand their needs and wants. Such efforts are often appreciated by customers. (You can even send them a lil discount coupon for the favor)

6) Share tips on how to use or take care of the product you just sold.

7) Periodic newsletter subscriptions on industry-related or your business-related information. (for customer enlightenment and entertainment)

8) Position yourself as a service first and customer delight later company. This can be your company’s philosophy and mission. (Remember Ranbir Kapoor from Rocket Singh?)

9) Run a periodic signature contest via social media platforms to get more customer connections. (you can choose to monetize it via a small registration fee)

Connecting with your consumers or customers can help you

Create a business eco-system

Build your product or solution in a better way

Create a brand equity and image

Build a loyal customer base

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